TACOS is the mobile application by NC3 Luxembourg.

TACOS is an awareness application for cybersecurity. It aims to educate the users to cybersecurity risks with short articles, videos and tips and tricks. We also included a password cards generator.

Besides that, TACOS provides a spam detection feature. It allows you to check for spam phone numbers. You can also contribute to our database by reporting spam phone numbers.

TACOS is licensed under GNU General Public License version 3. You are welcome to copy, modify or redistribute the source code according to this license.


  • Generate and manage password cards
  • Detect and report spam phone numbers
  • Security and privacy awareness games
  • Security Tips and Tricks
  • Security news curated by the NC3 team

Our database of spam phone numbers is constantly updated thanks to the MISP project and the users of TACOS.

Screen shots


Documentation of the back-end services.